Ulshöfer, Gotlind / Ulshöfer, Gotlind / Wilhelm, Monika / Wilhelm, Monika

Theologische Medienethik im digitalen Zeitalter

Art.-Nr.: 978-3-17-034453-2
Seiten/ Ausstattung: 396 Seiten, 1 Abb., 2 Tab.; 15,50 × 23,20 × 2,10 cm; 587g
Einband: Buch (Paperback)
Verlag: Kohlhammer
Erscheinungsdatum: 06.11.2019
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The media have now become ubiquitous, mainly due to the technical opportunities offered by smartphones and other mobile communication devices. Media communication is no longer initiated by large broadcasting companies alone; instead, anyone can now communicate publicly through social media. In addition, communications can also be created by machines & such as social bots, for example. These countless changes in the field of media and communication are giving rise to ethical questions that go far beyond the traditional topics of media ethics such as the ethics of journalism, and pose new moral and legal challenges to society and institutions such as the Church. This volume analyses and discusses these developments from the points of view of theological media ethics.